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Interview Summary Template - treated, evaluation of...

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INSERT I.D. NUMBER HERE p.1 1LLHA: STUDY OF THE HEALTH OF LATINOS IN LANSING Individual Interview Summary ID: Name: _____________________________________ Place of Interview: ____________________________ Date of Interview: _____________________________ Summarized by: _______________________________ Date Summarized: _____________________________ Language of Interview: _________________________ NOTE: Include page numbers from transcript. Direct quotes OK if noteworthy- or indicate where in transcript quote is found . Background: [Male/Female, age, marital status, language, children and ages, where born, time in U.S., ethnicity, occupation: self, spouse, parents, education: self, parents, income, household size, insurance. ALSO Household composition, and how pay for Health care] Male Health Care Experiences: [Summarize health care narratives including: type of problem, how diagnosed, &
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Unformatted text preview: treated, evaluation of treatment, how paid for, etc. ] How Improve Health Care? Better Information? Health Care Resources: [Types of health care used, always have access? What do instead?] Insurance and Paying for Health Care [what insurances, how pay? Evaluation. Any Change?] Perception of Discrimination: Health Services: Language Issues Access to Prescriptions INSERT I.D. NUMBER HERE p.2 Information: [What info wanted/needed? Info about available resources? Who talk to? Improvements?] Health Problems of Lansing Latinos: [Types of problems, strategies, improvements?] Undocumented: [Types of problems, strategies, improvements?] General Health Care System Assessment: [Compare to other country, ideal system] Additional Notes: [Include anything noteworthy that does not appear above. Also anything significant about the location or circumstances of the interview.]...
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Interview Summary Template - treated, evaluation of...

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