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LL Individual Transcripts Template

LL Individual Transcripts Template - exploratory at this...

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LL## p.1 1 STUDY OF THE HEALTH OF LATINOS IN LANSING ID#: LL## Name of Interviewer: Linda Hunt Date of Interview: Transcriptionist: Date Started transcription: Date Finished transcription: Additional participants in interview: LH=Linda Hunt DZ=Debbie Zeller [Notes to Transcriber: Be sure to insert the TIME from the recording every two or three pages. Places where you are unsure of what is being said should be marked in brackets [ ], and the time location on recording should be noted] LH: As you recall we have been talking with genetics researchers, and genetics health professionals about how concepts of race and ethnicity are being integrated into genetics research and related health services. We hope to learn ways to improve how those concepts are understood and applied in these endeavors. Our approach is open-ended and
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Unformatted text preview: exploratory at this point. Is there anything you want to ask me before we begin? DZ: I just want to be clear that you want me to draw on my own experience in doing genetics research? LH: Exactly. DZ: O.K., O.K. LH: I wanted to know a little about your work. What kinds of things you do. DZ: O.K. Originally my work was laboratory based developing new kinds of genetic linkage tests. This was twenty years ago and it was in the early days of linkage testing and the linkage I, linkage testing used a nearby gene as the marker for the gene you’re really interested in, whose position you’re not sure of except you know it’s located near another gene that you can measure....
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