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ISS210:02: Society and the Individual Study Topics for Final Exam Your final exam will be held Thursday December 14, 12:45-2:45 p.m. in Room 100 Wonders Hall. Anyone who  walks-in late by 20 minutes will not be given exam.  There is no late make-up for the final exam. Study lecture notes in correspondence with chapter readings on the following topics. Understand the concepts, and skills to apply those, theoretical aspects, and some major facts about trends and current situation. Chapter 10 Sexual Orientation Social  Deviance The  Gay  and Lesbian  Community:  An Overview Discrimination Fighting  the System:  Human  Agency Chapter 15 Families The  Mythical  Family  in the U.S. Families  in Contemporary  U.S. Society:  The  Family  in Capital Stratification and Family  Life: Unequal  Life Chances Parents and Children Divorce Violence  in U.S. Families Chapter 16 Education
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Unformatted text preview: • Characteristics of Education in the U.S. • Education and Inequality • Possibilities for Promoting Equality of Opportunity • Possibilities for Promoting Equality of Opportunity • Restructuring Society Chapter 17 Health and Health Care Delivery • Introduction • Unequal Access to Health Care • The Changing Social Organization of Health Care Delivery • Toward a Better Health Care System: Some Alternatives Chapter 19 A Progressive Plan to Solve Society's Social Problems • Introduction • Sociology, Social Problems, and Social Change • Is a Progressive Social Policy Possible? • Sociological Dilemma: Recognition and Rejection • Progressive Principles to Guide Public Policy • Human Agency: Social Change from the Bottom Up Religion: Charon’s Chap 9 General main points of the reading and lecture...
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