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Midterm Study Sheet REL 220 Fall 2006 The midterm will be administered in class on Wednesday, October 18, 2006. It is a 70- minute exam. The exam will be divided into 3 parts: 1) Identifications (30%); 2) fill in the blanks (30%); 3) Essay (40%). I will choose one of the following essay questions and ask you to write for about 30 minutes (plan on at least six full paragraphs). You may discuss and prepare the essay questions with classmates prior to the exam. The midterm, however, will be a closed-book exam. Please bring blue books with you to the exam. Essay Questions 1. Many religious groups have attempted to build a heaven on earth in the United States. These groups often sought to become a moral and social model for the rest of America and the world to emulate. Discuss two groups that attempted to create model religious communities in America. Give at least two examples for each group (4 examples total) describing the specific ways in which they succeeded and the ways in which they failed to create heaven on earth. 2.
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