Terry - Terry Ch 7 Mallot Ch 12 13 Memory Components Stages...

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Terry- Ch. 7, Mallot- Ch. 12, 13 Memory Components Stages of Memory Processes of Memory Short-term memory Encoding into memory Depth of processing Long-term memory Storage in memory Shallow rehearsal Episodic Retrieval from memory Elaborative rehearsal Semantic Transfer-appropriate processing Procedural Priming Dissociation- occurs when experimental variable(s) has different effects on tasks or measures (ie: injury to left hemisphere affects only verbal skills but not spatial learning, indicating that verbal and spatial skills are learned from 2 separate areas) Double Dissociation- occurs when experimental variables differentially affect performance on two or more tasks (ie: seeing a certain stimulus such as a red balloon may evoke childhood memories and simultaneously evoke one’s visual senses) Dual-store theories- the idea that memory has 2 storages: short-term memory and long-term memory Short-Term Memory (STM)- limited capacity, brief, forgetting occurs from STM when contents in storage are displaced and replaced by later-occurring items; transfers info into LTM; rehearsal in STM helps keep info available longer for encoding into LTM Long-Term Memory (LTM)- memories are more durable, can hold limitless memorie); forgetting does not occur easily; receives info from STM; Composed of Episodic and Semantic Memories; learning and priming is done through Explicit and Implicit tasks; nondeclarative and declarative memories
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Terry - Terry Ch 7 Mallot Ch 12 13 Memory Components Stages...

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