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Module 31 Hidden Drives are shaped by childhood experiences Psychodynamic Approaches to Personality – Sigmund Freud – Assume that personality is motivated by inner forces and conflicts about which people have little awareness of and over have no control - Freud Theory o Behavior is motivated by unconscious o Containing memories, beliefs, feelings, urges, drives and instinct the person is not aware of o Freudian slip – Slip of tongue o Unconscious is made of the preconscious ex. 2+2=4 ID, Ego, Superego Id: is the raw, unorganized, inborn part of the personality - Id operates according to the pleasure princible, in which the goal is the immediate reduction of tension and the maximization of satisfaction Ego: (soon after birth) strives to blanance the desires of the id and the realities of the objective, outside world.
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Unformatted text preview: -Reality principle - in which instinctual energy is restrained to maintain the safety of the individual and help integrate the person into society Super Ego: (Childhood) represents the rights and wrongs of society as taught and modeled by a persons mentors. -Conscience prevents us in behaving in a improper way by making us feel guilty. Developing Personalities Psychosexual stages conflicts between societies and own sexual urges. -Oral Birth to 12-18 months Oral satisfaction biting sucking and mouthing -Anal - 12-18 Months to 3 years - Gratification from expelling feces-Phallic 3 to 5-6 years- Interest in Sex ( male/female parts )-Latency 5-6 to adolescence Sexual concerns largely unimportant -Genital adolescence to adulthood reemergence of sexual interests...
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