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Psych 1000 GROUP 2 EXTRA CREDIT Ashley Bouknight 20 points available 2 WAYS TO GET YOUR 20: Receive 1 point for each Friday class attended, for a total of 13 points. o If you have ‘perfect attendance’ for Friday classes, you will automatically receive the remaining 7 points for a total of 20 points o Leaving class after Friday Tests will count as an absence o Everyone received 1 point for the 1 st Friday class of the semester OR Receive 1 point for each Friday class attended AND o If you do not have perfect attendance, but would still like to get all 20 points, you can turn in 2 current events write-ups to me. (Yes, 2!) Follow the outline below. o You will only receive a total of 20 points for extra credit, even if you turn
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Unformatted text preview: in current events and come to most classes. You will need to have attended most classes in order to receive credit for current events. This is NOT a substitute for skipping class. Current Events Extra Credit Find a news article (newspaper or online) that is related to topics covered in this Psych 1000 class. Write a 1 page, double-spaced paper including the following: 1. A short review of the article content 2. Definitions of related psychological topics, terms, and theories addressed in the article 3. Your personal statement about why this article is the most amazingly interesting article youve ever read. Turn these in to me by the last class, along with the articles....
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