Midterm study guide - COM 100 MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW SHEET Use this review sheet to focus your studies for the COM 100 midterm exam This review may

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COM 100 M IDTERM E XAM R EVIEW S HEET Use this review sheet to focus your studies for the COM 100 midterm exam. This review may not include everything on your exam, and there may be items on this review sheet that will not be on your exam. However, you should do well if you follow this as a study guide. The COM 100 midterm exam is scheduled for February 28 th in YOUR recitation section. The exam will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions based on material from the text, lectures, recitation, and current events. Each question is worth two points. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Chapter One Communication Channels, Elements and Essence of Communication, Communication System Chapter Two Symbolic Interactionism Theory, Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, code switching, Language processes, Types of communication, Speech Community Theory, Language characteristics Chapter Three Types of knowledge, schemas and input processing, goals, plans and output processing
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