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HW-1 Solutions - ECE 3076, Summer 06, Solution for Hw1...

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ECE 3076, Summer 0 6 , Solution for Hw1 Review Q#21 The five layers in the Internet protocol stack are – from top to bottom – the application layer, the transport layer, the network layer, the link layer, and the physical layer. The principal responsibilities are outlined in Section 1.7.1. Chapter #1 Problem 2: a) A circuit-switched network would be well suited to the application described, because the application involves long sessions with predictable smooth bandwidth requirements. Since the transmission rate is known and not bursty, bandwidth can be reserved for each application session circuit with no significant waste. In addition, we need not worry greatly about the overhead costs of setting up and tearing down a circuit connection, which are amortized over the lengthy duration of a typical application session. b) Given such generous link capacities, the network needs no congestion control mechanism. In the worst (most potentially congested) case, all the applications simultaneously transmit over one or more particular network links. However, since each link offers sufficient bandwidth to handle the sum of all of the applications' data rates, no congestion (very little queueing) will occur. Problem 5: a) The time to transmit one packet onto a link is R h L / ) ( + . The time to deliver the packet over Q links is R h L Q / ) ( + . Thus the total latency is R h L Q t s / ) ( + + . b)
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HW-1 Solutions - ECE 3076, Summer 06, Solution for Hw1...

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