HW-6-Solutions - Name (Print)...

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Unformatted text preview: Name (Print) _______________________________________ Email Address ECE3076, Summer 2006, HW-6 Due Tuesday, July 7 (noon) 1. Unique Mac addresses are in ROM in each adapter card. The first two bytes indicate the manufacturer. Find the manufacturer of cards with the MAC addresses (hint: http://www.coffer.com/mac_find/): a. 00:0d:93:77:f0:a6 ________ Apple Computer ________ b. 00:06:25:68:3a:52 _______ Linksys Group ______ Which organization assigns blocks of MAC addresses to vendors? _________ IEEE _________ 2. Routing, Link State, OSPF Every router (A, B, ..., J) has advertised the costs (delays) to all the other nodes. For example, node V broadcasts the following route advertisement message: "V, B:222, G:12, C:29, W:56" (In practice, only link states that have changed since the last broadcast are included in the message.) Based on all the advertisement messages, the network topology and link costs can be mapped. The letters below represent the nodes (routers) on the network. The numbers represent costs (delay-times) on the links between them. the nodes (routers) on the network....
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HW-6-Solutions - Name (Print)...

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