HST 369 Notes - From Nara to Heian

HST 369 Notes - From Nara to Heian - HST 369 Notes From...

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9/17/07 Discussion Questions: From Hane: 1. Who were the Fujiwara, why were they important, and how did they come to wield power? 2. How does Hane describe Heian society? Which part(s) of society is he describing, and what kinds of sources does he use? From Toby: 1. On p. 333 and elsewhere, Toby seems to distinguish between the terms “court” and “capital”. What is the difference? 2. Was Heijo (Nara) the 1 st permanent capital? Why or why not? 3. The court moved many times in the 6 th and 7 th centuries. What is the older, commonly given reason to explain this? What problem(s) did Toby find with that reason, and what alternative theory does he propose? Notes on the Hane reading: It was said that Kammu wanted to move house because of monastic power in Nara. Said Nagaoka was too full of dead spirits so they settled in Kyoto. 794-1185 Heiankyō Fujiwara – not royal blood; descendant of Nakatomi (858). He took gov. positions, got a hold of good land, and infiltrated the royal family through marriage/consorts of his daughters. As the Taika reforms decreased in use, tax free land went up. Offices went to hereditary “brats”. Culture – posturing culture; keigo was firmly established; sensual age; superstitious poems (like waka), furigana, yamato-e, calligraphy, Japanese-y architecture, etc. Class notes: Heian 794-1185 imperial government based on Chinese models capital at Heiankyo World of The Tale of Genji Marital Residence Patterns: Neolocal – married couple create new home duolocal- maintain two residences, don’t live together* virilocal – wife goes to husbands place uxorilocal – husband goes to wife’s place* most common * So who raises the kids? the wife/the wife’s family
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HST 369 Notes - From Nara to Heian - HST 369 Notes From...

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