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Project 5 Final Draft copy - Critical Analysis of the...

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Critical Analysis of the Positive and Negative Affects of Marijuana The TV series Weeds, focuses on how marijuana can affect the people around it. Nancy Botwin, who recently has become a widow after her husband died of a heart attack while running. In order to make ends meet, she starts dealing marijuana in her town. This new employment leads to many issues and conflicts with her family and people of the community. The contemporary issue that parallels with Weeds is the positive and negative effects of marijuana. By looking at the issue of marijuana from the perspective of the three academic disciplines, a more complete understanding of this contemporary issue can be achieved. Weeds is based in the affluent Los Angeles, California suburb of Agrestic. Nancy Botwin whose husband Judah recently died of heart failure, while jogging with their young son Shane, is now a widow trying to support a family. She begins dealing marijuana to locals in her suburban town in order to support her household while maintaining an upper-class lifestyle. Originally she just was a marijuana dealer, but times were difficult for her and the income was not enough. She then makes plans to become a grower. However, this plan hits complications when she sleeps with Peter Scottson, only to find out he's an agent with the DEA. Nancy becomes increasingly involved in the more dangerous aspects of the drug dealing as it is much more risky to grow your own weed. Nancy and Conrad, a friend she met through dealing, decide to start their own small-scale growing operation in a rented bakery. They also bring along some accomplices to help the operation. This includes her brother-in-law Andy and Doug Wilson, her accountant, who aides in setting up a 1
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legitimate bakery as a front for her drug sales. Peter Scottson, who turns out to be a corrupt DEA agent, tells her that he knows the truth about her, but tells her if they get married then he can not be used against her in court, if she was to get caught, so they two get married without letting anyone know. As the season progresses Nancy's children become more aware of her illegal activities, though the two sons deal with the issue in quite different ways. Shane, the younger son, continues to have problems fitting in at school. Silas, on the other hand, takes out his frustrations by committing acts of vandalism, most notably stealing Celia's drug-free-zone surveillance cameras. Nancy and Conrad's drug business becomes quite successful and they turn their attention to cultivation in a suburban grow house, but ultimately attract attention from more established members of the illicit drug community. Nancy's marriage to a DEA agent initially keeps her on top while her rivals are routinely busted, but her marriage to Peter quickly declines as he pressures her to quit dealing.
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Project 5 Final Draft copy - Critical Analysis of the...

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