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HST 369 Notes - An account of my hut

HST 369 Notes - An account of my hut - (transience and what...

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HST 369 Notes – An Account of My Hut 10/15/07 Discussion Questions: 1. This essay seems to have two very different halves. The first half deals with the natural and man-made disasters, and the second half with the authors own lifestyle choices. How are these two sections related to each other? 2. What was Kamo no Chomei’s purpose in writing this essay? What message does he convey? 3. What do we know about the author, Kamo no Chomei? What might that suggest about the relationship between Buddhism and Shinto in this period? Class notes: Opening paragraph – metaphor/analogy that’s a summation of what the whole essay is about
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Unformatted text preview: (transience and what you own not mattering because it can just be ruined). Purpose of mentioning the disasters?-serves as evidence to back up the opening paragraph – impermanence, suffering, etc. How did the accounts differ from each other?-emphasis changes from large group or big account to specific cases. The first half = the reasons or motivation for moving to the mountains Despite all his efforts, he is a failure because he has become attached to his hut...
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