Emotional Intelligence (3rd quarter)

Emotional Intelligence (3rd quarter) - Emotional...

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Emotional Intelligence (3 rd Quarter) Self-report 360 analyses- how good am I at rating people’s faces? Knowledgable informants better than not obviously.- These matter a lot, at the end of the day what is an informant rating? –People’s first impressions, your reputatation! Comparing Measures of Emotional Intelligence- How do these kinds of tests overlap. 5 personality traits OCEAN. Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness. .. Higher the bar, more overlap there is. A Capital R is correlation reading. 1 highest, .38 is low to moderate. When you’re askign people to rate themselves, what you’re pretty much getting is someone who thinks they have the ideal personality. The EQ-i correlated about .8 SO measuring with self-ratings= you might as well just give someone a personality test. Did the crazy basketball experiment. Self-rating was 4, actual rating was 9 Group average 7. SO what the heck was this all about? Social Desirability Response Bias- Grossly under or over estimate. So what score matters the most? Depends, self matters for for self-esteem, if just interested in results, then just performance, etc. What matters most is how you see yourself? We don’t knwo what the hell is going on b/c they’re bias for a number of reasons. Normal Distribution of subtracting real from self-rating. Performance- Belief So there is a normal distribution where the majority are pretty accurate. People in the bottom 25% pretty low EI on the bottom left graph. Self-Rating is flat. No matter where you are on performance, the average of people’s self rating don’t vary as a function of performance. If you are lowest EI, think you’re in the highest percentile if you are in highest, same thing. If you’re an emotionally illeiterate person and you are asked how good you are at reading people’s faces, how do you have the cognitive ability to say that you aren’t? Scatterplot of boys and girls- BOTH SEXES SUCK AT IT PARTICULARLY IN DOMAIN OF EMOTIONS, SELF REPORT IS NO GOOD Most people don’t get feedback on their emotional intelligence, so self-knkowledge is pretty limited in this area. In other domains, like attractiveness, hot woman says in response to you’re hot says you must look at a lot of ungly people.
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How smart do you think you are compared to all other people at Yale? Everyone thinks they’re above the 80 th percentile. MSCEIT actually gives a standardized score for each area. Chris Caruso was here this day. 2 things going on this week. They are sending an emial for us to forward to our parents. Does your EI corresponc to your parents EI?
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Emotional Intelligence (3rd quarter) - Emotional...

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