WATER & ELECTROLYTES - WATER Body Composition Body...

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Unformatted text preview: WATER Body Composition Body weight is 50-60% water Tissue: blood plasma- 90% water Muscle: 72% water Fat: 20-35% water Functions of Water The Universal Solvent No other solvent that can dissolve as many substances All body water contains solutes The medium for chemical reactions Electrolytes have electrical charges Sodium, potassium, chloride Too depleted in electrolytes creates Heart Arrhythmia Acid/Base Solutes give water its acid/base properties Some water dissociates becomes a hydrogen ion and hydroxyl ion Ion: charged Whole molecule is balanced in charge When broken: 1 half has + charge 1 half has charge Hydroxyl Ion: - charge Hydrogen Ion: + charge Acid/Base Properties Acid: excess Hydrogen ions H+ o HCl- hydrochloric acid Base: excess Hydroxyl ions OH- o NaOH- lye Measured on pH scale 0-14 o 7- Neutral Pure Water- pH 7 o 1-7 Acidic o 7-14-Basic o The extremes are high reactive- burn holes o Blood: 7.4- more basic Its important to keep a stable pH with Homeostasis. o If pH is way off, chemical reactions cant happen Buffers Absorb the excess of one and release the other one to create balance Water is a buffer. Used in Biochemical Reactions Product of Respiration Involved in Hydrolysis Balances charges when molecules are broken Primary transport medium In the blood. Blood is mostly water Transports cells, gases, nutrients, metabolic waste Lubrication Of Saliva, Tears, Synovial Fluids Temperature Regulation...
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WATER & ELECTROLYTES - WATER Body Composition Body...

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