Exam 1 Review

Exam 1 Review - Maslows 5 steps-model 1. 2. 3. 4. 5....

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Maslow’s 5 steps-model   1. Self-Actualization 2. Esteem 3. Belongingness 4. Security 5. Physiological needs Attitudes/Values-  an attitude is a mental state that exerts influence over an individual’s behaviors. Attitudes have three components: 1. A cognitive component, which refers to a concept 2. And affective component, which is emotion 3. A behavioral component, which is the readiness to act Values are fewer in number than attitudes and serve as important predictors of behavior. They appear to be more stable and long-lasting than attitudes. Empowerment- is a leadership style that enables group members to utilize their talents, abilities, and knowledge more effectively. What makes a good team member:  there are 6 factors that distinguish effective and ineffective team members. Working Knowledge Factors : experience, problem solving ability Teamwork Factors : openness, supportiveness, personal style, action orientation Equifinality- is the potential for adaptation that groups possess. This allows for various possible approaches to achieve a goal. Feedback-  information groups receive and use to modify themselves. Power Bases-  5 different types of power that be brought to bear in small groups: Reward Power Coercive Power Legitimate Power Referent Power Expert Power Signal reaction : are learned responses to certain stimuli, such as emotional reactions to offensive swear words or racial slurs. Acting the playboy:
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Exam 1 Review - Maslows 5 steps-model 1. 2. 3. 4. 5....

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