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1. Cayuga Lake holds 9.3 trillion (9,300,000,000,000) liters of water (this is true). If the water was contaminated with 1 PPB of alachlor. What would the total amount of alachlor in Cayuga lake be? Alachlor is a cream colored solid with a molecular weight of 270. 2. Oh, no! The Olympic swimming pool is found to be contaminated with human growth hormone (too many Olympians swimming in it no doubt). If 10 g of human growth hormone had been added to the pool, what is the concentration in PPM?
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Unformatted text preview: The mass of human growth hormone is 22,124. The pool holds 500,000 liters of water. Answers below. NO PEAKING!!!! 1. 1 PPM = 1 microgram/ml. Therefore 1 PPB = 1 ng/ml. 1 ng/ml X 9,300,000,000,000 l X 1000ml/l =9,300,000,000,000,000 ng or 9,300 kg 2. 1 PPM = 1 microgram/ml. 1 g = 1,000,000 micrograms. 1 l = 1000 ml. 10 g/500,000 l = 10,000,000 micrograms/500,000,000 ml = 0.02 PPM...
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