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EE103 Spring 2008 Lecture 1 System of units We will use the International System of Units . It is based in six basic units. The measuring units for all other physical quantities can be derived from these six basic units: QUANTITY BASIC UNIT SYMBOL Length Meter m Mass Kilogram kg Time Second s Electric Current Ampere A Temperature Kelvin K Luminous Intensity Candela cd Some examples Football field 91.44 m One thousand years 31.5 10 6 s 31500000 s Diameter of the Earth 1.25 10 7 m 12500000 m Mass of one electron 9.1 10 -28 g 0.00000000000000000000000000091 g One light year 9.5 10 15 m 9500000000000000 m Atomic distance in a crystal 10 -10 m 0.0000000001 m Units are more commonly expressed using multiple and submultiple prefixes Prefix Symbol equivalent to exa E 10 18 peta P 10 15 tera T 10 12 giga G 10 9 mega M 10 6 kilo K 10 3 milli M 10 -3 micro μ 10 -6 nano N 10 -9 pico P 10 -12 femto F 10 -15 atto A 10 -18 Electric Circuits- Basic concepts Components + Sources: Batteries, power supplies + Elements: Lamps, resistors, integrated circuits, etc + Interconnections: wires, printed circuits boards
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Charge and current All matter is composed by particles, some of them with electric charge. Electrons are particles with negative charge, while protons are particles with positive charge. One electron [proton] has the minimum negative [positive] charge attainable. This elemental charge is 19 1.602 10 eC = Where “C” states for “Coulomb”, the electric charge measuring unit. One important principle is the “principle of conservation of charge” . This principle states that: “the electric charge cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred” .
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Lecture_1 - EE103 Spring 2008 Lecture 1 System of units We...

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