HST 369 Notes - Week 12

HST 369 Notes - Week 12 - HST 369 Notes Week 12 11/12/07...

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HST 369 Notes – Week 12 11/12/07 Rebuilding Political Authority Discussion Questions: 1. Based on your reading of the sengoku daimyo house laws (docs. 3-6), would you have wanted to live n the domain of a sengoku daimyo? Why or why not? How do these laws compare with the Kamakura period Hojo law code (Goseibai shikimoku 109)? 2. As Hane describes things, how did Oda and Toyotomi gain power? What steps did they take to keep power once they had it? How do the documents in Lu shed further light on these questions? 3. How did Oda and Toyotomi attempt to manage the economy? Foreign relations? Class Notes Sengoku (Warring States) - 1467-1573 - Last 100 years of the Muromachi bakufu, but bakufu’s authority was weak - Daimyo strive to assemble large domains - Ultimately seeks Kyoto to control shogun, emperor - Samurai relationships = personal, conditional, territorial 1573 – Ashikaga shogun plotting against Nobunaga, so Oda kicked him out. Personal – they know their men well because of perpetual warfare (key guys at least) Conditional – condition must be fulfilled for relationship to work. Like they have to muster, and have to be rewarded/treated properly. Territorial – actually involved pieces of land – living on and can defend How did these daimyo try to strengthen their domains? - Use of law and ideology o also developed an early form of nationalism - land surveys - draft of creation of a professional military - trade restrictions, coin laws, and economic warfare - Preferential treatment of merchants, creation of “free markets”
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HST 369 Notes - Week 12 - HST 369 Notes Week 12 11/12/07...

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