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BioG 109 September 25, 2003 Prelim #1 Part 1. Multiple choice. Questions 1-45. CHOOSE THE ONE BEST ANSWER. CIRCLE IT ON YOUR QUESTION PAPER. THEN MARK YOUR CHOICE CAREFULLY ON THE ANSWER SHEET. A CORRECT STATEMENT IS NOT NECESSARILY THE RIGHT (BEST) ANSWER. 1. Which of the following sequences correctly specifies a portion of the hierarchy of life, from most to least complex? A) ecosystem, population, organism, organ system, tissue, cell B) cell, molecule, organ system, population, ecosystem, biosphere C) organism, organ system, population, biosphere, ecosystem, solar system D) molecule, cell, organs, tissues, organ system, ecosystem, E) molecule, cell, organ system, community, organism, biosphere 2. If a tree in your backyard is inhabited by a cardinal, two nests of wasps, four squirrels, a patch of lichens, and millions of bacteria, what word collectively refers to all of those organisms, as well as the flow of energy and cycling of nutrients through their tissues? A) a species B) a super-species C) a community D) an ecosystem E) both C and D 3. An hypothesis is: A) a mini-version of a theory B) a tentative explanation for a specific phenomenon C) an explanation supported by a large body of evidence D) a widely accepted idea about what causes something E) essentially the same as Koch's postulates 4. Which one of the following is NOT true about Flying Foxes? A) eat fruit B) are strong flyers C) use echolocation D) are actually bats E) have excellent vision 5. If a light switch is moved from the "off" to the "on" position, then a light will go on. This statement: A) is a prediction B) can be tested C) is an example of deductive reasoning D) can potentially be proved false E) all of the above choices are correct Page 1 of 10 continued on back
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BioG 109 September 25, 2003 Prelim #1 6. Which of the following is one of the four main groups or divisions within Eukarya A) Bacteria B) Monera C) Archaea D) Protista E) Platyhelminthes 7. A monophyletic group of organisms: A) shares at least two common ancestors with the next closest relative B) includes a common ancestor and all of its descendants C) would be the Reptilia if Birds are excluded D) consists of at least two groups called Domains E) would be Mollusca if Cephalopoda is excluded 8. If an antibiotic kills 99.9% of a population of bacteria, due to natural selection you would expect the next generation of bacteria: A) to be just as affected by the antibiotic B) to be more resistant to the antibiotic C) to go extinct because of drastic decrease in population size D) to be more contagious than the previous population E) to be a new species 9. The most inclusive name for the heterotrophic eukaryotes that digest their food externally and absorb it as small molecules is: A) Reptilia B) cyanobacteria C) mushrooms D) Protozoa E) Fungi 10. The ULTIMATE source of energy for most ecosystems is: A) cellular power B) electricity C) sunlight D) geothermal vents under the ocean floor E) sulfur 11. A diagram that traces or illustrates the evolutionary relationships of organisms is called a/n:
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Practice_Prelim_1 - BioG 109 Prelim#1 Part 1 Multiple...

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