Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits - The Benefit Eligibility...

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Unformatted text preview: The Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool, or BEST, is a tool that a person can use to find out if he or she is eligible for benefits from any of the number of programs Social Security administers. The computerized tool gives the person eligibility information based on the answers they give to the questions that they are asked. BEST is not an application for benefits, and it does not give the person an estimate of the benefit amount. It also does not know, or does not ask for, the persons name or Social Security number, and it does not access their personal Social Security records. A person knows if they are eligible for retirement if they were born in 1929 or later. They need to have worked for ten years to be eligible for the retirement benefits, and if they are eligible, some members of their family may receive benefits. If the person was born before 1938, their full retirement age is 65. The person can retire at anytime between the age of 62 and their full retirement age, but if they start at one of the early...
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Social Security Benefits - The Benefit Eligibility...

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