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Biology Essays 1.  Robert Warren first noticed that many of his patients with stomach problems had the same spiral shaped  bacteria in their stomaches.  The bacteria makes chemicals that make holes in the cell wall.  They knew  they had to fulfill all of Koch’s postulates in order to prove that the bacteria they had found causes ulcers  but could not find an animal to test it on so  Marshall decided to drink a bacterial culture containing Helicobacter. He successfully induced a severe inflammation of the stomach and then cured it with antibiotics. 2.   Walter B. Cannon realized that he could use x-rays to study the mechanical action of the stomach in uninjured animals in their natural state. He used cats and noticed through the use of the xray that when cats became enraged or angry their stomaches stopped churning. This eventually led to the discovery that during emotional times your blood may go to your heart and skeletal muscles entirely and not your stomach. 3.  Joseph from the start believed that pellagra may not be caused by anything in the corn, but rather  from a 
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