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LAB #2 ANSWERS 1. Yes 2. No 3. Food from photosynthesis 4. protection, exposure to light 5. mutualistic 6. Food from photosynthesis 7. protection, minerals 8. mutualistic 9. mitosis (gametophyte is haploid) 10. meiosis (sporophyte is diploid) 11. Yes 12. No 13. A 14. increase surface area for mineral absorption 15. mycorrhizae 16. leaf 17. 130 MYA -flowering plants in abundance 18. wind 19. less pollen needs to be made 20. fragrances, sex attractants (pheromones); nectar, heat, wax 21. flower mimics a female insect 22. physical or temporal separation of carpel + anther 23. yes 24. frogs, salamanders, insects 25. dust from the air 26. O 2 27. Side to side 28. to make a good airtight seal
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Unformatted text preview: 29. reddish (variable-depending on species) 30. attract pollinators 31. not for the plant--it is the plant's insect repellent 32. defense against insect predators 33. stones, gravel 34. stem 35. ~ 1 sec 36. Yes 37. conserve moisture, startle or discourage predators 38. non-directional 39. yes--it 'remembers' the first touch and closes only with a second touch 40. yes--responds to presence of trapped insect to release digestive enzymes 41. by aiming down into the pitcher they promote insect prey falling into the trap 42. looks like meat to an insect 43. flying (crawling also possible) 44. away from prey...
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Lab2_Text_Answers - 29. reddish (variable-depending on...

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