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HD 116 Jeopardy Questions Prelim 1 Introduction – Ch. 6 Wise “Guys” (Theorists and Theories) Question Answer 100 Define a hypothesis. A testable prediction about the relationship between variables 200 Define id according to psychoanalytic theory. The source of basic biological needs and desires. 300 Watson taught little Albert to be fearful of a white rat by presenting the rat with a loud, sharp sound. What is the name of this kind of learning, and what is the conditioned stimulus in the study? Classical conditioning; the white rat 400 What are the main points of Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological model? It emphasizes the influence of environmental contexts on children’s development. Five systems: microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, chronosystem. 500 I am interested in whether students who sit in the balcony to take Prelim 1 do better than students who sit in the main area. Each student will get either a yellow or a blue disc when enter the room. Then all of those with a yellow disc will be asked to sit in the balcony and those with a blue disc will sit in the main area. Is this study a correlational or experimental design? why? Random assignment to two groups; different treatment for two groups: sitting in the balcony vs sitting in the main area. Life before Birth (Prenatal Development) Question Answer 100 Name the three phases of prenatal development, and their corresponding weeks of development. Zygote: 1-2 weeks Embryo: 3-8 weeks Fetus: 9-38 weeks 200 What is a teratogen? Name any two teratogens. ~Environmental agents that can cause damage during the prenatal period ~Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, chemicals, radiation, pollution, infectious disease
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HD116_Jeopardy_prelim_1_for_Blackboard - HD 116 Jeopardy...

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