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Lab 6 Discussion ~ a Power Point presentation supporting your assigned group topic. What Is Expected Of You: Grades will be based on how well you present your case. The grading rubric will include a group evaluation as well as an individual evaluation of: 1. Knowledge of topic – is information correct, is there critical information missing 2. Clear, concise summary of scientific & biological overview of information relevant to your topic 3. Organization of presentation 4. Usefulness of visual aids (are they clear & easy to read; do they support what the speaker is saying. 5. Do the arguments made by presenters reflect back on the facts presented by facilitator? 6. Is the speaker clear and presenting well-organized thoughts? 7. Does the speaker back up their position with scientific evidence?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Does the group, as a whole, present a well-executed and planned argument based on sound scientific evidence and information? Guidelines for building successful presentation skills: 1. Speech is clear, voice loud enough (but not straining) to be heard well. 2. Presentation is easy to understand. 3. Presence (appearance, behavior) of the speaker is professional. 4. Presentation includes all pertinent information to: (1) summarize the topic (facilitators), or (2) support the position being argued (Pro & Con speakers). 5. Presentation is logically presented and well organized. 6. As a whole, starting with the facilitator, individual presentations logically flow from one member of the group to the other....
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