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4-09-08 The Nervous System- Brain Anatomy 26.1. Benjamin Franklin’s discovery that lightning, an awesome manifestation of weather, was electric led to A) the idea that electricity is related to health and well-being B) the revolutionary war C) the idea that one should get struck with lightning once in a lifetime D) the idea that one should always carry keys in one’s pocket E) a boom in the kite business 26.2. Cell bodies and dendrites make up the_______________ and axons make up the _____________. A) cerebrum, cerebellum B) cerebellum, cerebrum C) hind brain, mid brain D) gray matter, white matter E) white matter, gray matter 26.3. Luigi Galvani saw that he could cause a frog’s leg to twitch by touching it with A) acetylcholine B) a strong base C) a strong acid D) two similar metals E) two different metals 26.4. ____________     concluded that under normal conditions, the electric fluid is generated in the brain (after being extracted from the blood), travels down the nerves, and stimulates the muscles. A) Alessandro Volta
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4_09_08_The_Nervous_SYstem__Electrical_Aspects - 4-09-08...

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