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HD_349_Prelim_2_Fall_08 - POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Prelim...

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POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Prelim 2--Answer Key Name ________________________________ Date _______ 1) Someone who primarily is inclined to expect bad outcomes across a variety of situations is an example of a_______________. a) Dispositional pessimist b) Defensive pessimist c) Dispositional optimist d) Strategic optimist e) None of the above 2) Which present-day positive psychologist is best known for his/her research on “Learned Helplessness”? 3) Which statement is TRUE of an explanatory style? 4) Which of the following is NOT a component of an explanatory style? 5) Which statement is NOT true? a) Personal explanations for bad events determine our degree of self-blame. b) Permanence addresses our expectations about how long bad events will last. c) Pervasiveness deals with how all-consuming the event will be. d) People with a “pessimistic explanatory style” are more likely to say, “It’s the circumstance” when bad things happen. e) None of the above
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HD_349_Prelim_2_Fall_08 - POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY Prelim...

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