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Noah Lombardo Professor Jo POLS 331 – 503 30 September 2008 Alliance War Behavior In any major world war, nations will form alliances and use various military and diplomatic strategies to seek their best interests. In the Alliance Game, each person was assigned a country with a different level of military power and wealth, and therefore made strategic alliances with other countries to ensure victory in the war. The pre- alliance decision-making had a significant effect on the outcome of the war. Nations with large amounts of money but smaller military power such as Switzerland and Canada had the opportunity to increase their military power and therefore create a strong alliance with other powerful nations. Other nations with little wealth and power were unable to increase their military, so they had no choice but to form alliances with stronger nations. My country, the United Kingdom, spent 20 wealth to rise up to 14 military power, making it the strongest nation in Europe. The predominant types of alliances formed were defense and neutrality pacts.
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