What I know about World Politics

What I know about World Politics - constantly cooperating...

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Noah Lombardo Jo POLS 331 – 503 4 September 2008 What I Know About World Politics World politics can be described as “the way different nations have dealt with each other throughout history.” Politics itself stretch back to early human history, beginning with the most primitive forms of government. As James Madison once said, “if men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Politics arise from the disagreements or conflicts within or among the states and nations. As the human race has progressed throughout history, politics itself has become more complicated. One must keep in mind that politics itself is a natural and essentially inevitable when dealing with conflicts within or among nations. History has shown that all nations are virtually incapable of
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Unformatted text preview: constantly cooperating with one another, thereby creating an international conflict. For example, World War II was caused by a major global conflict between the Allied and Axis nations. Disagreement among these nations sparked a global conflict, ultimately leading to the deadliest war in recorded human history. In spite of this, world politics does not always involve conflict. International organizations such as NATO, or the United Nations involve nations collaborating with each other to work out negotiations and treaties. Organizations such as these seek to achieve harmony among nations by means of peace rather than warfare. Essentially, world politics is the affairs within and among nations, and how these nations go about solving problems with one another....
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