English Profile Paper First Draft

English Profile Paper First Draft - High Season After Low...

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High Season After Low Season About ten years ago, if you asked someone where Playa Del Carmen was, chances are they wouldn’t have the slightest idea. Hardly anyone had heard of Playa Del Carmen, it was a shady little town just forty five minutes south of Cancun, Mexico. There was about eleven or twelve big hotels in Playa. But, you could see construction was occurring rapidly. Today there is probably over thirty major hotels and many condos and apartments. Some would say the changes in this hustle and bustle tourist town are for the best, others would disagree. With more people moving to Playa Del Carmen to reap the benefits of thriving tourism come more population and ultimately more tourists. More and more “Americanized” stores came into Playa over the past decade; some say this takes away from the charm that once was a quaint town. If you walk down the street there are number of popular American stores such as Sun Glass Huts, Hagen Das, American Apparel, Senor Frogs, and even Starbucks. On the negative side, with more people comes more pollution, trash, traffic, and crime. Almost all of the locals would say they love the business from tourists but are beginning to hate the drastic changes that are occurring in their city. Hustle and Bustle is the main feel in this town. As I get out of the taxi cab, I feel relieved and give the cabi 150 pesos and tell him,“gracias.” I begin to walk down
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English Profile Paper First Draft - High Season After Low...

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