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18715875 05/01/07 Political Science 1 Section 110 How Power Corrupts All the King’s Men. “It follows that all armed prophets have succeeded and all unarmed ones have failed; for in addition to what has already been said, people are by nature changeable. (The Prince, pg 27). These words from Machiavelli’s The Prince hold much significance in Robert Penn Warren’s All The King’s Men , as seen through the change of the characters in the novel from moral citizens to corrupt politicians. Throughout All the King’s Men there is a gradual display of how power can corrupt on all levels of society. Even though the work shows how power corrupts it does seeks to answer the question of what causes the cycle in the first place. Nearly every character in this novel see an aspect of how power can corrupt or change people, and for the majority it does not end well. When Willie Stark meets with Adam Stanton he expresses one of the major philosophies of the novel, which guides Willie, Jack, and the other politicians. “Goodness… You got to make it…And you got to make it out of badness… Because there isn’t anything else to make it out of (Pg. 387).” This belief expressed by Willie is the epitome of what has happened to Willie throughout the course of the work. In the beginning of the book Willie stark is a quiet country man who is against drinking and makes a scene over how corrupt his local government is being with a schoolhouse contract. By the end of the novel Willie himself has turned even worse then the men he initially criticized. Lucy says in chapter two that Willie would not want to be treasurer if he had to deal with the dishonest men, the irony of this is by the end of the novel not only does he work with the dishonest men he is the most dishonest of them all. This situation
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arises from the simple goal to do some good, Willie’s goal initially was just to do the right thing and protect his fellow “hicks”, and this idealism brings him into the world of gubernatorial politics. When he realizes he was a pawn in the political game in the governor race, he takes it personally and from then on takes all political matters as a personal strive to get the right man in power, that being himself. The drastic change in Willie after he realizes that he has been duped, starts his general decline into a political beast. When Jack meets Willie in office he seems like a completely different man. He is
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All the kings men - 18715875 05/01/07 Political Science 1...

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