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If there are images in this attachment, they will not be displayed. Download the original attachment How Democratic? The Electoral College It’s an 18th century relic-- US only major democracy that uses an electoral college International Norm in Presidential Systems is direct popular vote (primary nominations & general) International Presidential Norm • International Norm is no caucuses & rules nationalized • second round runoff commonly held if no majority winner • US has No Runoff between top two candidates; voters 2nd preferences not considered Majority Vote w/Runoff France 2007 1st Round 2nd Round Union for a Popular Mov’t 31.2% 53.1% Nicholas Sarkozy Socialist Party 25.9% 46.9% Segolene Royal Union for French Democracy 18.6% National Front 10.4% Revo. Communist League 4.1% Movement for France 2.2% Communist Party 1.9% Greens 1.6% Others 4.1% Again, U.S. an electoral exception The Electoral College • To be president, one must win a majority of electoral votes, not popular votes • Magic # = 270/538 • each state has electoral votes equal to # of House members and its 2 Senators • Georgia (15) = 13 House members + 2 Senators US President Elected Indirectly • United States has indirect method in nomination process and general election • Presidential Nominees and Presidents not directly chosen by the American people • Overall Popular Vote not decisive and final • Convention delegates and Presidential electors actually select nominees and president months/weeks after popular
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voting The “Real” Election Day (Dec. 15, 2008) • On the Monday following the 2nd Wednesday of December • the winning slate of electors meet in each state capitol to cast their pledged votes for president and vice president • electors are to ratify people’s choice, not to be free agents or faithless electors • votes sealed and sent to President of the Senate • only purpose for Electoral College (not a continuous body) 2008 Election Certified (January 2009) • these votes will be counted by the President of the Senate when the new Congress convenes in January 2009 • President of the Senate formally announces the winners • new president & vice president inaugurated at noon on January 20, 2009 If No U.S. Presidential Nominee • If no one wins a majority of delegates, party convention decides winner • any and all candidates eligible (after first ballot) • crucial role for “superdelegates” (Democrats) • voting continues until majority winner Voters & U.S. Vice-Presidential Nominees • Voters have no role in choosing vice-presidential nominees • since FDR, decision rests solely with presidential nominees If No U.S. Presidential Winner
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