Project_Requirements - FIN 4328 (Moore) MNC Financial...

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FIN 4328 (Moore) MNC Financial Management and Risk Analysis Project Guidelines MNC Business and Risk Analysis Project Requirements Overview : The   purpose   of   this   project   is   for   student   teams   to   prepare   a   comprehensive  international  business,  risk  and financial  management  analysis  of  a  multinational  corporation   (MNC).     The   report   will   be   judged   against   the   quality   of   proprietary  valuations reports prepared in the professional investment community.  Hence, format,  understandability,   clarity,   quality   and   depth   of   analysis,   breadth   of   coverage,  professionalism of the report will be considered in the grade determination. Candidate Firms : First and foremost, students should select firms and industries they find of interest.  Selected firms should be widely held firms.  This increases the likelihood information  will be available to perform the analysis and valuation.  The firms must have a market  capitalization of at least $500 million (price x number of shares).  The candidate firms  must be listed (registered) in the United States.  Your chief concern should be whether  adequate disclosure is available for your firm.  Candidate firms must have at least 30%  of   their   revenues   generated   from   foreign   operations,   must   operate   in   at   least   5 
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Project_Requirements - FIN 4328 (Moore) MNC Financial...

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