12 - 1 Character Building in Middle Childhood FCE 212 2...

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1 1 Character Building in Middle Childhood FCE 212 Feb 22, 2007 2 Read This: s In 1997, 11-year-old Nathaniel Abraham from Pontiac, Michigan, told his friend that he was going to shoot somebody. He allegedly stole a gun and practiced his aim on stationary targets. Then he walked to a convenience store, pointed his gun at a stranger, and shot Ronnie Green Jr. in the head. The 18-year-old youth died hours later. The next day the sixth grader bragged about the killing to his friends. At his trial, Nathaniel turned and looked at his mother and other relatives and showed no emotions as he was convicted. The 65 lb. youth became one of the nation’s youngest children charged with first-degree murder. 3 Another Tragedy s In February 1993, two-year-old James Bulger was separated from his mother in a shopping center in Liverpool, England. A security camera showed two ten-year-olds, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, leading the toddler away. The boys threw more than twenty bricks at the two-year-old, kicked him, tore off his lower lip, stripped him, and possibly molested him. Then they left James’s body on the tracks to appear as though the murder was accidental, and went into a video store to watch cartoons on television. 4 What do children need for the future? s They need: s A sense of right and wrong s A sense of compassion for others s A sense of community responsibility s What else do they need?
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12 - 1 Character Building in Middle Childhood FCE 212 2...

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