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Chapter6_7BDN - Torts The wrongful conduct by one person...

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Torts The wrongful conduct by one person that causes injury to another. Typically the remedy for such an act is money . Intentional Torts Acts that were intended, or could be expected to bring about consequences that are the basis of the tort. Tortfeasor One who commits a tort. In order to be liable of an intentional tort, the tortfeasor must intend to commit the tort, the consequences of which interfere with the personal or business interests of another in a way not permitted by law. Assault and Battery Assault - The reasonable apprehension or fear of immediate harmful contact, or immediate offensive contact.
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Battery - An intentional and harmful or offensive physical contact. Compensation A Plaintiff may be compensated for emotional harm or loss of reputation resulting from a battery, as well as from physical harm. Defenses to assault and battery Consent (sports or medicine) Self-defense (life threatening) Defense of others (reasonable) Defense of property (reasonable, but not deadly) False imprisonment
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