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Assignment European Civilization, 1871-1914 Introduction601-602 Changes Lecture Democracy and socialism Working Class People Unionism European Socialism read 604-608 Feminism read 608-609 AP File 19 century public folders Class work Lecture Day 24 ASSIGNMENT Introduction 629-630 Imperialism: Its Nature and Causes 630-631 The New Imperialism 631-633 Incentives and Motives 633-635 Imperialism as Crusade 637-638 Class work: Other changes Lecture
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Unformatted text preview: Evolution Changing Views of Science Social Darwinism Mendel Sigmund Freud Decline of Classical Liberalism Day 25 Europe’s World Supremacy Lecture Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire Russo Turkish War Assignment: Partition of Africa 650-659 Document Conrad Heart of Darkness public folders Imperialism in Asia TBA Document Europe’s World Supremacy Public folders Day 26 ASSIGNMENT: Terms and objectives Day 27 test...
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