Russia DBQ - Essay AP Euro Russian Empire Russia for the...

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Essay AP Euro Russian Empire Russia for the most part during the pre-Reformation period was a divided state with really no dominating family or government controlling or governing the Russian population. It was not until the emergency of Ivan the Terrible, 1533-1584, that a significant expansion of territory and control under a single noble became apparent. After his death there was a power struggle between the nobility, until the Romanov family was selected for tsar. The Romanov would rule until the Revolution of 1917. The individual who did the most to transform the Russian state into a major European power was Peter the Great, who had grown up in the West and had been educated in Western ideas. Like in France, Peter employed absolutism as a form of governing his subjects and maintaining legitimacy of his rule. During his rule, he employed thousands of serfs to build a “window on the West”, St. Petersburg, in order to gain access to the sea and increase trade between Russia and the West. Thousands of serfs perished during its construction. He brought thousands of people from the West, craftsmen, soldiers, ship builders, and other trades, to help improve and advance Russian’s economy which was years behind the other Europeans’ economies. The next noticeable ruler to come out of Russia was Catherine the Great, 1762- 1796, who was notable for being the first Russian ruler to employ some enlightened despotism, for expanding the Russian border with the annex of Poland, and for being a
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Russia DBQ - Essay AP Euro Russian Empire Russia for the...

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