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Unformatted text preview: 1 FCE 212 Health Issues in Adolescence March 13, 2007 2 Nutrition Among Adolescents Calorie needs increase Poor food choices common Less fruits, vegetables, milk, breakfast More soda, fast food Many try diets or become vegetarian Iron, calcium, vitamin deficiencies common 3 Dieting Most adolescents lose weight in healthy ways, such as eating fewer snacks and decreasing fewer their intake of fat (French et al., 1995). However, most girls believe they are too fat (even though they are not) and place themselves on diets (Ledoux, Choquet, & Manfredi, 1993; Phelps et al., 1993) (Ledoux, Choquet, Manfredi, Boys are untroubled about their weight, 80 % said they never tried to lose any weight (Leon tried et al., 1989) 4...
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