Protecting adolescents from abusive experiences

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Unformatted text preview: from abusive experiences. Promoting positive self-image and body-image. selfbody- 10 Protective Factors (cont'd). (cont' Educating adolescents and their families about the detrimental consequences of negative consequences focus on weight. Promoting a positive focus on sources of self-esteem other than physical appearance, such as selfacademic, artistic, or athletic accomplishments (Striegel-Moore & Cachelin, 1999). (StriegelCachelin, 11 Obesity Obesity is defined as being 20 % above the average weight for one's weight. one' Approximately 15 % of all adolescents meet this criterion. Obesity has multiple causes, such as genetic components, inappropriate eating patterns, and inappropriate low levels of activity. 12 Increase of Injuries During Adolescence 2...
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