big picture (2) - 1 Humanism and Medieval world 2...

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1. Humanism and Medieval world 2. Renaissance and Middle ages 3. Luther’s ideas 4. Protestant vs. catholic 5. Monarchy vs. feudalism 6. HRE’s problem 7. Decline of Spain and goals 8. DR 9. Westphalia, Augsburg and BOP 10. Austria and HRE 11. Model absolutist states 12. Militarism and Prussia 13. Russia westernized 14. Common law and England 15. LCM and parliamentary govt 16. World View of Science 17. The process to Newton 18. Contract model and its influence 19. Values of the Enlightenment 20. French Revolution liberal and radical 21. Reign of Terror and the Terror in Russia
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22. Napoleon and liberal nationalism 23. Restoration and legitimacy 24. IR process of invention 25. Marxism - They did not like that the working conditions were very poor - Labor did not receive enough of the national income - Thought much of the wealth was being invested in capital goods. - Marxists detested that government was in the hands of the well off - Thought religion was a tool to keep the masses in order
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big picture (2) - 1 Humanism and Medieval world 2...

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