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Late19cEurope-NationalismReviewTitle.gif (14137 bytes) * Main Themes: * *1. The Crimean War (1854-1856) shattered the image of an invicible Russia and ended the "Concert of Europe. 2. The emergence of a unified Germany and Italy revealed the weakness of both France and the Hapsburg Empire. 3. While the continental nations became unified and struggled toward internal political restructuring, Britain continued to symbolize the confident liberal state. 4. Between 1850 and 1875, the major contours of the political systems that would dominate Europe until World War I had been drawn. * *I. Unification Movements: A. Italy: -- Piedmont-Sardinia took the lead under Cavour (the "Head" of the It. Unif. Movement). -- Mazzini and "Young Italy" (the "Heart" of the It. Unif. Movement). -- Garibaldi and his "Red Shirts" from the south (the "Sword" of the It. Unif. Movement). -- the role of Napoleon III? -- Austro-Sardinian War (1866-1867). -- Italy's problems after unification: -- weak government. -- Church hostility. -- poor economic conditions. -- lack of major raw materials necessary for rapid industrialization. -- Italian militarism and ambition for colonies. B.
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Late19cEurope-NationaliamReview - Late19cEurope-.gif(14137...

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