notes revueWWI - *STUDY GUIDE FOR*WORLD WAR I After...

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Sheet1 Page 1 *STUDY GUIDE FOR * *WORLD WAR I* After Bismarck was dismissed as German chancellor in 1890, his less capable successors let ties with Russia lapse. Before long France emerged at the center of a new diplomatic system. The French created an alliance with Russia *(Franco-Russian Alliance 1894)*, established an understanding with Great Britain *(Anglo-French entente 1904)* and succeeded in drawing Italy away from its ties to Germany and Austria. As the alliance system divided Europe into armed camps, a series of international crises moved the European powers step by step toward the Great War. *The First Moroccan Crisis* In 1905 Germany provoked a crisis over Morocco which the French were in the process of making a protectorate. The *Algeciras Conference of 1906* met to decide the issue. Germany found herself alone except for Austria while Great Britain and Russia supported France. *The Bosnian Crisis 1908-9* The Austrian foreign minister, von *Aehrenthal*, met with the Russian minister, *Izvolsky,* and together signed the *Buchlau Agreement* which stated the Russia would support Austria's efforts to annex *Bosnia and Herzegovina.* Austria would then support Russian efforts to send warships through the Dardanelles. When Austria unilaterally annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina Russia became angered. When Germany backed Austria, Russia backed down. *The Second Moroccan Crisis 1911* Germany sent the *"Panther" *to the Moroccan port of* Agadir* to protect German interests there. Under pressure France agreed to allow Germany certain parts of the* French Congo *in return for German
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notes revueWWI - *STUDY GUIDE FOR*WORLD WAR I After...

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