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Topic Seven Discussion 32: Prophets of a Scientific Civilization: Bacon and Descartes 1. Introduction a. Modern science begins during the 17 th century i. Galileo, Newton, 1642 1. Between the birth of Galileo and the death of Newton science emerged as a main force of human advancement ii. Science as a form of thought is one of the supreme achievements of the human mind 1. Practical importance of the results 2. Integration into everyday life 3. Political importance of the results 4. Spread certain ideas a. The universe is orderly b. Human reason is capable of understanding and dealing with the universe c. Human affairs can be conducted by methods of peaceable exchange of ideas i. The foundations of free and democratic institutions 5. Influence of science is found in armies, hospitals, universities, trading companies, bureaucracies, courts, publishing, and government 2. Science before the Seventeenth Century a. Da Vinci prelude to science 1500 b. Elite Europeans struggled with skepticism c. Witchcraft panic
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Rise of science possible saved Europe the becoming a long postmedieval afterglow 3. Bacon and Descartes 1620 to 1640 a. How is it possible for a human to know anything with certainty i. Have reliable, truthful, and usable knowledge ii. Reconstructed a world view from the ground up 1. rejected the ancients 2. rejected the scholastics a. start with definitions and propositions and logically deduce from the accepted definitions b. Little new to be gained from the method b. Bacon and Descartes determined that truth is not at the beginning but the product at the end of investigation i. True and reliable knowledge exists and can be employed to the benefit of humans a. Knowledge is power i. Progress ii. Good progress or Evil progress iii. Descartes 1. Nature can be reduced to mathematical form a. Matrix? 2.
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Scientific revolution notes - Topic Seven Discussion 32...

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