The Napoleonic Era

The Napoleonic Era - F Confederation of the Rhine...

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Main Themes: 1. Napoleon's conquests stimulated liberalism and nationalism throughout Europe. 2. The concept of a "balance of power" was formally put into practice by the Vienna Settlement and proved to be successful for the next 100 years. I. Napoleon's Accomplishments: Son of the Revolution OR Military Dictator??? A. Centralization of French local govenment. B. Furtherance of public education. C. Settlement of religious conflicts brought about during the Revolution --> Concordat of 1801 . D. Legal reforms --> Code Napoleon (**see your notes for details **) E. Improved French finances --> Bank of France established. F. Public works projects built. II. Napoleon's Influence Upon Europe: A. Map changes (** see your notes for Vienna Settlement provisions **) B. Spread French revolutionary ideas. C. Ended the Old Regime abuses of feudalism and serfdom. D. Introduced the Code Napoleon to other countries in Central Europe. E. He aroused a spirit of intolerant nationalism among the conquered peoples.
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Unformatted text preview: F. Confederation of the Rhine created --> aided eventual German unification. III. The Congress of Vienna (1814-1815): (Metternich, Castlereash, Czar Alexander I, Tallyrand) A. Restore the pre-French revolutionary balance of power (principle of legitimacy) and keep Fr. weak. B. Compensation -- territorial musical chairs. C. Denial of democracy and nationalism --> try to "put the genie {of revolutionary ideals} back in the bottle". D. Metternich's policies ("Age of Reaction"):-- press censorship --> Carlsbad Decrees.-- Quadruple Alliance --> "Concert of Europe".-- Dutch Republic revived as the Netherlands.-- Sardinia restored.-- created a new Poland.-- he made no concessions to the principle of popular sovereignty. ADDITIONAL TERMS TO KNOW: Concordat of 1801 lycees Code Napoleon Champollion Rosetta Stone Legion of Honor Consulate Battle of Trafalgar Admiral Nelson Duke of Wellington Continental System Waterloo legitimacy compensation Quadruple Alliance...
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The Napoleonic Era - F Confederation of the Rhine...

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