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Comparative Politics.06.intro

Comparative Politics.06.intro - The Global Challenge of...

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Unformatted text preview: The Global Challenge of Comparative Politics A Changing Global Order From Cold War to ?????? Issues Globalization: "the diffusion of investment, trade, production, and extraordinary communication technologies" Opportunity and enhancement or intensification of conflicts How should the United States act in a world such as this? What roles are in our best interest? New international governance/ cooperation European Union WTO NATO UN IMF/World Bank OECD Challenges in this global era Stability Sovereignty Legitimacy Historically, States have been the primary actor How does the new era affect that? Tumultuous times Crossborder activity What is comparative politics? Similarities and Differences among countries Analyze political institutions. Analyze cultural settings: ethnicities Analyze political history What is politics? Politics is the study of human decisions that are public, authoritative and that have consequences for multiple human beings. Almond, et al: Comparative Politics Today Comparative Politics Compares Countries/nationstates Political institutions Political culture Political development Legitimacy is fundamental to successful governance both domestically and internationally A puzzle: How do states (governments) adjust to a new globalization? shifting ethnicities, terrorism, communication technologies, crossborder traffic, language changes, economic transitions.. Democracy Does democracy contribute to stability or the does it contribute to instability? Can it do both in different circumstances? Collective identities? Social class Gender Race Religion Ethnicity Classifying the world in political economy First World Second World Third World (Fourth World) Developing vs. Developed Further classification West vs. East? North vs. South Nonaligned How is development measured? GDP (Gross Domestic product) GDP percapita PPP (purchasing power parity) Human Development Index Genuine Progress Indicator Democracy classification Established: Britain, U.S., India, France.. Developing: Russia, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya Nondemocracies: Iran, China Imperfections/flaws in our democracy List: Governments: Have authoritative and coercive powers. May be expansive or less aggressive Evolution of government Night Watchman state: limited Police State Welfare state Regulatory state Why government? Community and nationbuilding Security and order Protecting Property and Other rights Promoting economic growth and efficiency Adjusting for market weaknesses Social Justice Protecting the weak Market weaknesses Public goods Externalities (harmful) environment Government as a problem Destruction of community Violations of basic rights Economic inefficiency Government for private gain (rentseeking) Vested interests and inertia Articles Incredible shrinking countries How do we mesh this article with Six Billion and Beyond? What are two things that can lead to demographic decline? Why do governments hate the idea of demographic decline? How can shrinking populations be something to celebrate? Jambusters Roadpricing What schemes can we come up with to address congestion in Palm Beach County? The Hopeful Continent Why do Africans have reason to be cheerful? Why do Africans have reason to be pessimistic? Which African country leads the way in optimism? What may help explain Africans' sanguine attitudes? The Greening of America's Campuses "We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us." Winston Churchill The innovative people mentioned in this article are "supporting a broad push for sustainability" What is sustainability? Sustainable Archictecture Urban planning Interior design Culinary arts....... International relations Foreign policy Domestic policy What are 10 Practical Solutions we can come up with and implement to make our new campus more sustainable? A thought: How can we shape our Benjamin dwellings so that they shape us in ways we like and that are conducive to our growth? As opposed to passively letting them shape us in not so beneficial ways? Another query: What benefits would you enjoy if you took proactive action to shape our school buildings in sustainable ways? A final thought: Do any of the first three articles relate to sustainability? How so? Or how not? ...
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