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Unformatted text preview: Russia An emerging democracy? NTV/ TV6/ Gasprom/ Putin and the Oligarchs December 1991 End of the USSR Early 1992 Emergence of a new Russia and 14 other states and the CIS 145 million Russia 8 % arable 45% forested Rich in natural resources Moscow capital Bordering regions: Caucasus Central Asia Baltic states Russia: core of USSR Chechnya Russia: Eurasian nation Critical Junctures 1917 Until 1917 Tsarist state. Partrimonial. State rules and owns the land. Serfs tied to the land. 1917: Two revolutions March overthrow of the tsar. October November Bolsheviks take over Lenin Democratic centralism and vanguardism. A vanguard party 1922: USSR established 1924 Lenin dies 19291954 Stalin rules. Collectivization. Brutality. Industrialization. Destruction of real social groups. Isolation of USSR from outside world. World War II USSR allied power. Major force in defeating Germany. Baltics, Moldava, Communist model for Eastern Germany, much of eastern Europe. Council for Mutual Economic Cooperation (CMEA) Warsaw Pact 19531985 Destalinization. Kruschev. Brezhnev. Kruschev5564. Helped to avert war in Cuban missile crisis. KGB subordinated. Brezhnev6482 tightened controls again. More conservative. Mikhail Gorbachev 19851991. Huge figure. Policies led to the end of the USSR and the end of the Cold War. Gorbachev Glasnost Perestroika Demokratizatsiia New thinking Glasnost openness Perestroika Economic restructuring Demokratizatsiia Lawbased state Competitive elections More free political expression New thinking Rethinking international power. Armsrace Environmental issues Gorby is Poa. Policies triggered more than he had hoped for. "No good deed will go unpunished." August 19, 1991 coup by hardliners. Gorbachev put under house arrest. Boris Yeltsin President of Russia Rallies forces. Retakes government. In December, USSR dismantled. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEYOND HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A similar event today? Yeltsin Commitment to western style democracy. Legislature had been elected in 1990 1993 Yeltsin disbands parliament. Calls for new elections and new constitution. December 93: new Consitution barely approved. A powerful president. 1999 Yeltin names Putin as Prime Minister Vladimir Putin President Bush is the expert. He looked into Putin's soul. December 99 Yeltsin steps down. Putin elected in 2000. Former KGB. Russia NATO G8 Post Sept. 11 Chechnya? Russia is "enigmatic" very early stages. Democracy at risk. Can be highjacked. 1990s Dispirited time for Russia. Economic collapse. Declining births. Environmental destruction. Early 2000s Growth in economy. Searching for new collective identity Loss of superpower status? Internal divisions. Separatism Changing gender roles Comparative Implications One of countries shifting from authoritarian to more democratic. Uniqueness of Soviet empire and communism Four transitions Political democratisation. Privatization. New collective identities. Economic integration into world ...
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