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Russia 4 - Russia 4 Representation and Participation...

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Unformatted text preview: Russia 4 Representation and Participation Gorbachev policies sparked dramatic change in citizen state relationship at least temporarily. Putin restoring old order? Putin Popular. 70% approval rating in 2000. Has ability to affect government increased? The Legislature: Federal Assembly Federation Council Duma Federation Council Represents Russia's constituent federal units Duma Represents people through direct popular vote for candidates and parties Elections occur every 4 years. 1995/99/2003 Duma Factions Standing committees Speaker of the Duma. Usually leader of the strongest faction/party. Sociological representation is less strong than previously under communism. Surprising or not? But: Under communism Supreme Soviet was largely symbolic, not powerful. Federation council Represents 89 regions and republics. 2 delegates from each federal unit. Originally elected, moved to appointment. Now appointment by regional executive and regional legislature. Now heavily businessmen President Can veto legislation. 2/3 of federal assembly can override veto. Confirmation: Duma chair of central bank FC_ confirms federal judges "Society's ability to affect particular policy decisions through the legislative process is minimal." Weak institutions Interest groups. Party membership Membership is elite dominated. Fragmentation of parties Contributes to weakness. Multiparty system Shift from under communism Parties emerged In 1993. Still infant system. Putin Tightened registration/formation rules for parties. Soft authoritarianism or understandable move to order and structure? Parties Often form around an individual prominent. Yabloko. Unity an exception sort of. Parties Do not have "firm social base" as in west. Young system Citizens do not understand goals.... Political spectrum and parties All parties generally support market reforms at least they say they do. Far left are less supportive but are they far left or far right? Liberal and centrist groups Unity/Fatherland Centrist. Issues of nationalism and patriotism Ethnic issues and religion have not been major party issues Loyal opposition "The Russian left" Communist party of the Russian Federation Older Russians, economically disadvantaged. Rural. No longer a "workers party" Centrist Unity Our Home is Russia Fatherland All Russia Women of Russia Liberal/Reform parties Yabloko Blamed for Russia's economic decline. Young, more educated, urban dwellers, well off Nationalist/Patriotic parties `Liberal Democratic party of Russia" Vladimir Zhirinovsky Elections Mixed presidential/parliamentary system Elections for two branches are separate. Duma Mixture of winnertake all and proportional representation 450 225/225 Nationwide party lists 5% plus rule Singlemember plurality districts Issue of fragmentation? President Runoff if no one receives 50%. Political Culture... Acceptance of state Tradition of oligarchic or oneman rule Economic egalitarianism Collectivist values Utopian thinking... Authoritative source of truth Sounds like US? Crisis of identity What does it mean to be Russian? Religion Russian Orthodox Church Decline in newspaper readership Interests, Social movements.. Glasnost Environmental groups.. Civil society? Russian Politics in Transition Nov. 2001 Civic Forum 5 possibilities_ page 396 Russia in world of states "flirtation with westernization" Nato cooperation G8 2006. St. Petersburg Economy 1999. critical year. Oil... Democracy Formative stages. No history of it. Corruption... High support for president but enjoyment of freedoms.. Collective identities "history has been hard on Russians" Sort of inferiority complex Fear of invasion... Sensitivity to 90s... Comparative Industrialized with skilled workforce.. Bureaucracy Compared to eastern europe To China Church in Poland... Compared to other former Republics Poland to Western Europe.. Is Russia rising again? By how much? ...
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