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Cercopithecidae - -no tail-rotating suspensory shoulder...

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Cercopithecidae/colobinae langers, leaf monkeys -flamboyant neonate coat color- -alloparenting- “babysitting” babies passed from female to female to babysit , younger females take child away –maternal experience-(as soon as coloring changes the alloparenting stops) -infanticide- injure the kids and leave them- males get rid of rival offspring -adaptations to leafy diet- complex stomach similar to cow’s-forestomach with symbolic microbes that digest cellulose. Tarsioidea……(get the names that fit in this category What is an ape? -superfamily Hominoidea; families Hylobatidae and Pongidae -Large brain to body size ratio
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Unformatted text preview: -no tail-rotating; suspensory shoulder anatomy- swing in trees-brachiation- mechanism to hang from trees and look for food-knuckle- walking or fist walking in great apes Gibbons-less apes-the monogamous ape, -highly territorial, uses vocal signaling- sing duets -no size dimophism sexual sichoronstism- black and golden Chimpanzees-extremely similar genetically to humans (equidistant to bonobos) moderate sexual dimorphism- as in humans- -fission-fusion polygyny-fruit – based diet. Plus meat, insects-intercommunity “warfare-cultural traditions and tool technologies-west Africa, small patches...
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