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THE EARTH LINNEAN NOMECLATURE Kingdom Phylum (subphylulm) Class Order (suborder) Family (superfamily, subfamily) Genus Species (subspecies) Primates species alive today: 250 Species of living mammals:4,500 (rodents and bats) Species of birds: 11, 000 Total species on earth today: 5-10 million Total species in earths history: 5 billion Species Loris(prosimiain)- What is a primate? 1. grasping hand/opposable thumb- 2. well developed stereoscopic vision 3. olfaction de-emphasized
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Diurnal, not nocturnal ….crepestural 5. Flat nails instead of claws 6. Single births 7. Sociality 8. Extended ontogeny- long slow socialization 9. Fused mandible 10. Enclosed bony eye Primate Origins 1. Arboreal Hypothesis- wood Jones 1900, opposable hand and binocular vision evolved for leaping through trees. 2. Visual Predation Hypothesis- Matt Cartmill (Duke) 170’s visual-manual coordination for catching small animal prey on ground....
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