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Unformatted text preview: U NIT 3: E MERGENCE OF R IGHTS : M ARRIAGE (O CT . 24-N OV . 21) E SSAY 5 Length: 6-7 pages D UE D ATE : N OV . 21 E SSAY 5 T OPIC The medieval period was one in which individuals struggled to gain control of their own lives and destinies - particularly in respect to marriage. Parents prearranged marriages for children and husbands often dominated wives. However, within this context, specific rights emerge: the right to contract one’s own marriage and rights of the individual parties within the marriage. Discuss how natural rights were manifest in medieval marriages . Following are a few possible topics for Essay 5: you may focus upon a specific area of marriage or a specific case, such as Margery Paston. You may compare medieval marriage rights and customs to a modern marriage. You may discuss the process of writing the Causa to explain why the specific factors you included are necessary components to an individual’s expression of natural rights. Remember to state a firm argument and to support your conclusions with textual evidence. Incorporate at least three of the words you have included in your weekly definitions. P URPOSE This unit details medieval marriage practices in order to detail how people began to assert rights within marriages. By duplicating legal documents, such as the Causa and the will, you experience the formation of marital rights and sharpen your writing skills by producing concise, direct statements written in a specific format. By consolidating the exercises of this unit into a single essay, you will gain practice in clearly and concisely articulating rights practiced in medieval marriages. S CHEDULE OF A SSIGNMENTS U NIT 3: E MERGENCE OF R IGHTS : M ARRIAGE Week 9 Oct. 28 Power Over the Body: 25-68 CP 165-170 : “ Gratian Marriage Canon: Case 31” Essay 4 Due (5-6 pages) In Class Activity: (in groups of 2 or 3) Based on elements from “Gratian’s Marriage Canon: Case 31”, develop a marriage contract based on natural rights that would be applicable in the present American culture. Purpose : To introduce you to medieval marriage customs. Oct. 30 Writing Activity Due 1 page Discuss the right of consent in a 11 marriage, offering pros and cons to both parental consent and consent of those marrying. Finally, conclude who should have final consent in a marriage union. Week 10 Nov. 4 Power Over the Body : 69-97 CP 171-185: Paston Letters , “Gratian Marriage Canon: Case 30” Writing Activity Due Write your own Marriage Causa. Complete instructions follow this schedule of assignments. a) Write a legal scenario for a marriage issue you wish to pursue. b) Formulate at least three legal questions which arise from the scenario....
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Schedule_of_Assignments___Essay_5 - U NIT 3: E MERGENCE OF...

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